Your article: Presentation makes a splash

John Taylor giving a talk to the Pocklington Probus Club.
John Taylor giving a talk to the Pocklington Probus Club.

The Pocklington Probus Club has held two well-attended functions recently.

A talk has taken place entitled ‘Gardez l’Eau’, given by a member of the club, John Taylor, and there has been a New Year’s luncheon.

Members present at the December meeting, held in the Freemasons’ Hall in Pocklington, were treated to a professional presentation detailing what happens to the water we flush away from our homes.

The talk was illustrated with excellent photographs of the various plants, control equipment and miles of pipes, tunnels, and channels used by water companies, such as Yorkshire Water to treat the water to make it fit enough to be returned to rivers or to the sea.

The process involves the use of a large tunnel in Hull to take the waste water eastwards from the city. It also involves microscopic examination of water samples for bacterial infections.

With easily understood explanation of the various processes involved John made his talk both interesting and educational, it was interspersed with suitable humorous illustrations such as a translation of the origin of the title of the talk which is actually written in Norman French – in English “Watch out for the water” (A phrase shouted out from widows in mediaeval days).

John took pains to show how well the large treatment works so necessary for these operations could be made to blend into the environment, and how in some instances the works were also attractive for leisure pursuits.

In January, together with invited friends, a large contingent of members was very well refreshed by an excellent luncheon coupled with animated conversations in the ‘Gold Cup’ at Low Catton. The club’s social functions, such as luncheons, are informal affairs unaccompanied by speeches. Retired professional businessmen are always welcome to attend meetings of the club, held every second Wednesday of each month, in the Freemasons’ Hall, Pocklington.