Your article: Networks apologise for signal problems

Charlotte Underwood could not get a signal on her mobile phone for almost two weeks.
Charlotte Underwood could not get a signal on her mobile phone for almost two weeks.

Mobile phone networks Three and EE have apologised after Pocklington residents were left without a signal for more than a week.

Little or no mobile phone coverage in the Pocklington area was first reported on 18 January, with signal still unavailable for some customers at the start of February.

The problems arose from work on a mobile mast near Kilnwick Percy Golf Club, leading to many customers sharing their frustration on Pocklington community Facebook pages.

Three customer and Pocklington resident Charlotte Underwood said: “I was without a signal in Pocklington for almost two weeks. When I contacted the company, the customer service explained it was because of work they were doing on a mast and originally gave a finish date of 29 January which moved to 31 January and then 5 February.

“I secured refunds totalling £14 but had to push for it and that was two separate calls. It’s annoying as it appears from comments on social media that some were offered bigger refunds than others.”

Sophie Longley, corporate communications manager at Three, said: “We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Customers in the Pocklington area experienced signal problems as a result of planned engineering works in the local area. Engineering works began on 18 January and have since been completed.”

“We cannot comment on individual customer accounts but compensation is decided on a case-by-case 

Some EE mobile customers also reported problems accessing their network. An EE spokesperson confirmed this was also in relation to work on the mast near Kilnwick Percy Golf Club and apologised for any inconvenience.

The spokesperson said: “We’re pleased to confirm full service in Pocklington was restored on 28 January. Our engineers quickly identified and resolved the fault, which occurred during the upgrade of a nearby mast. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”