Your article: ‘Losing weight helped me conceive naturally’

Fliss Bird after
Fliss Bird after

A recent national story was very close to home for Pocklington mum-of-three and slimmer Fliss Bird.

Nurse Fliss, 30, has lost over four stones and knows first-hand the effect of adopting a healthy eating plan for her family.

Fliss before

Fliss before

In mid-December the latest annual report from Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, entitled ‘Health of the 51%: Women’ was published.

It says obesity should be included in the Government’s national risk planning and suggests that a key time to talk to women about their weight is when they start to plan a family.

The report highlights planning for pregnancy as a key missed opportunity to give women health messages to improve their mental and physical health and that of their children.

It also calls for all women to work with healthcare professionals to make positive changes when planning 
to get pregnant and to stay healthy throughout their pregnancy.

Fliss said: “I first joined Slimming World Pocklington in March 2010 as I was told I had to lose at least a stone to get fertility drugs.

“I was scared the first time I walked in the door not knowing what to expect but the group was welcoming and friendly.

“In the last five years I have had three beautiful children and managed to get myself to target quickly after each one following the healthy plan before and after each 

“We only needed fertility drugs for our first baby, since losing the weight I didn’t need the drugs for the other ‘little Birds’.”

Supporting Fliss and wanting to lose weight himself, husband Rob joined too and lost 3 stones 7lbs to also become a target member.

Fliss added: “I have become more confident and now comfortably wear a size eight from a size 16. I have much more energy and am able to keep up with my very busy little people.

“And I have been described as a ‘yummy mummy’, something I never imagined I would hear!

“I was crowned Miss Slinky 2015 in our group which was amazing and I felt really proud of myself.

“I couldn’t achieved everything I have without the support of the group, my fabulous consultant and my wonderful family.”

Improving the family’s health long-term is a continuing focus for Fliss. She said: “Both of our families have heart problems and both my parents are diabetic, so we want to ensure the best chance of us not developing these type of illnesses.

Following the Slimming World plan ensures we have a healthy lifestyle.

It’s not really a diet, it’s a way of life, a healthier longer life for us to be with our kids.”