Your article: Gardens welcomes South Korean mission team

The missionaries at Burnby Hall Gardens.
The missionaries at Burnby Hall Gardens.

Burnby Hall Gardens welcomed a group of 12 South Korean Missionaries who were visiting the area as part of a UK-wide prayer mission for the people of Great Britain.

The group, who were staying for several days as the guests of the Hutton Cranswick Methodist Church, near Driffield, visited several schools and community events in the Driffield and Hornsea areas, and then came to the Gardens for an afternoon of rest and relaxation.

A spokesman for the Gardens said: “It was lovely to meet the group. They were really friendly and enthusiastic and they loved the Gardens. We arranged a welcome in Korean for them, which they really seemed to appreciate, and we are really glad they came to see us.”

The group are part of a team of 300 missionaries who have been visiting all parts of the UK.