Your article: Gallery owner’s interesting talk

Emma-Jane Whelan, owner of the Art and Rose Gallery in Pocklington.
Emma-Jane Whelan, owner of the Art and Rose Gallery in Pocklington.

An engaging, interesting and informative talk was given by Emma-Jane Whelan, the owner of the Art and Rose Gallery in Pocklington, at Pocklington Arts Society’s recent meeting.

Why Art and Rose? Think son Arthur and daughter Rose. Emma-Jane briefly rehearsed her early life, the influence of her mother and father, both artists, on her, and her education in fine art and design technology at the The University College of Ripon and York St John.

The children settled, with the encouragement of her husband and advice and help from some local Pocklington artists ‘Art and Rose’ was born. She spoke about lessons learnt over time from the running of the gallery, how she was determined to tap into local artistic talent, how rich the talent is in the East Riding.

What came across is how wholly absorbing of her time and energies ‘Art and Rose’ is. Putting on new displays of work, keeping the environment of the gallery fresh and challenging, mastering the administrative dimensions of the business, all demand the utmost attention. She now represents something in the order of some 200 artists of one kind or another, local and some of national and international reputation. She amused the audience with her characterisation of kinds of buyers and provided a little quiz which allowed members of the audience to judge to which category of viewer they might belong.

Emma-Jane prefaced her talk with the admission she had never given any such talk before and was very anxious about the occasion. She need not have been. What came across was her deep passion for the arts. The audience, which included Pocklington Arts Society members and visitors, enjoyed her presentation at Pocklington’s Woldgate College immensely.