Your article: Former bobby gives talk to WI

Sue Woodcock
Sue Woodcock

A former policewoman entertained members of Pocklington Womens’ Institute with a talk about her life.

The recent meeting at the Masonic Hall, on The Mile, Pocklington, began with president Barbara Ball wishing everyone a happy new year, and she then dealt with business matters.

She invited members to comment and decide on suggested outings and activities that they would like the committee to arrange for them to take part in during the coming year.

It was with much amusement that members listened to the speaker, local lady Sue Woodcock, as she told them of her life. The title of her talk was ‘Copper to Shepherd’ and few thought of the copper as a policewoman.

Later, some recalled her as the billage bobby in the TV series ‘The Village’. She was born in London and brought up by her grandmother and had a great liking of singing and animals.

Her experiences as a policewoman were very amusing especially as there were not so many policewomen on duty in her early days. After retiring from the force she cared for sheep and became a writer.

At the end of her talk she recited a humorous poem she had written based on the 12 Days of Christmas.

Margaret Shaw thanked Sue Woodcock for a wonderful talk and was joined with much acclaim by her audience.

The flowers on the table, given by Joyce Clarke, were won by Muriel Howard and the competition winners were Liz Slater, Jan Mitchell and Joyce Clarke. The craft group will continue to meet in the Bolton Room of the Methodist Church on the Wednesday following the meeting.

by Muriel Howard