Your article: Festival pulls in the crowds

Pocklington town crier Geoff Sheasby marked the official opening of the festival.
Pocklington town crier Geoff Sheasby marked the official opening of the festival.

More than 20 glistening Christmas trees went on display at a village church.

Barmby Moor’s first Christmas tree festival, held at St Catherine’s Church, attracted hundreds of visitors over several days.

There were 24 trees on display in total, all decorated by inspired and creative volunteers, including flower and craft clubs, the children of Barmby Moor Primary School, and the ‘Knit and Natter’ group from the Boot and Slipper pub in the village.

An organiser for the festival said: “This year has seen the first Christmas Tree Festival held in St Catherine’s Church, and judging by the tremendous response we have had, it won’t be the last.

“The committee would like to thank all decorators for their wonderful contributions. Without them, the event couldn’t have happened, and we are very grateful.

“We would also like to thank the many local businesses, and individuals, who sponsored the event.”
The festival began with a preview evening, which 170 people attended. During the evening, guests were able to admire the trees, before being served with wine and canapés by students from Woldgate College, and being entertained by tenor Ashley Wilson, accompanied by organist Dave Truswell.

The festival continued, as part of the village Community Christmas Fair event, when many visitors visited the church for tea and cakes, and the Pocklington town crier Geoff Sheasby called in to announce the event.

Many more people visited the church and admired the trees until the end of the festival last Sunday.

All funds raised from the festival will be used for restoration of the church.