Your article: Croquet is alive and well in East Riding

Enjoying a game of croquet at Rowley Manor
Enjoying a game of croquet at Rowley Manor

Despite recent predictions in the national press that the game will die out by 2037, croquet is alive and well in the East Riding.

Are you one of a growing group who has never played the sport or perhaps among the 20 per cent of people in the UK who have never even heard of it?

If you are and fancy giving the game a try, then no look no further than the three lawns in the picturesque country surroundings of Rowley Manor which plays host to Beverley and East Riding Croquet Club.

Common myths associated with the game might connvince newcomers that the game is posh or elitist.

This is not the case and members of Beverley and East Riding Croquet Club are keen to demonstrate otherwise.

The game is classless, relaxed and fun. Participants do not need expensive equipment or special clothing to play. Flat shoes are the only requirement, though a coat for the rain is always a good idea.

The club plays from April until October, informally within the club and competitively around Yorkshire.

Croquet is a tactical game that provides a work-out for the brain and gentle exercise for the body. Players do not need to be strong or exceptionally fit to play, and men and women compete on equal terms.

For more information, contact the club via their website or phone the club secretary on (01430) 860500 to arrange a taster session.

We look forward to seeing you soon.