Your article: Chairperson of history group stands down after eight years

Jo Green
Jo Green

Pocklington and District Local History Group’s chairperson has stood down after eight years in the role.

Jo Green, who has been the chairperson of the group since its inception. gave up the role at the group’s annual meeting. The new chairman is well known local historian Phil Gilbank.

Phil Gilbank

Phil Gilbank

Mrs Green’s contribution to the group was praised by the president, Roger Bellingham, and by Andrew Sefton.

The group started up nine years ago, after Mrs Green went to a meeting of the Bishop Wilton History Group. She was so impressed that she immediately thought that Pocklington would benefit from its own history society.

She was introduced at that meeting to Mr Sefton, she voiced her enthusiasm, and Mr Sefton offered to do a film show as a taster evening.

They advertised the event, and waited anxiously to see if anyone would come. The old courtroom was full 15 minutes before the start, and the queue of people who wanted to come in stretched down the street, and they had to run the film evening again the following week.

That was the beginning of a success story, and over the years Mrs Green has been chairperson, the group has had a variety of talks, visits and town walks. It has published books and pamphlets, contributed to events such as the Flying Man Festival and the Fallen Hero’s exhibition, and involves one of the nearby villages each year, with either a talk, a history walk, or a show and display.

Mrs Green’s emphasis right from the beginning was to encourage the study of local history in the area, and to share that information. Mr Sefton and Mr Gilbank do exactly that with some excellent contributions to the Pocklington Post.

A spokesperson for the group said: “The group has a dynamic committee, and we plan the events carefully. We are lucky because there is such a wealth of both recent and older historic events, and we look back with interest from the 1960’s and 70’s all the way back to the Iron Age. We hope to continue building on this foundation with our new chairman. Phil is another founder member, and he has made a huge contribution to the group over the years. We wish him well as chairman.”