Your article: Boot camp activities raise £221 for Sports Relief

Boot camp fun at Pocklington Community Junior School
Boot camp fun at Pocklington Community Junior School

Pocklington Community Junior School was recently transformed into a “Boot Camp” as children raised £221.72 for Sport Relief.

The event saw children come to school dressed as their sporting hero and included a rugby player, equestrian event rider, a tennis player, a snooker star, endurance runner, downhill skier, an array of footballers, a cricketer and even a hockey player.

The classrooms and corridors resonated to the sound of American Army style chants as the children participated in activities in aid of Sport Relief.

Each class composed and then performed their own American style ‘cadence call’, designed to ‘motivate the troops’, before participating in a range of activities.

These included timed press ups, relays, star jumps and testing both strength and endurance was the ‘plank’ balance. The children developed determination and had lots of fun at the same time, the only thing missing was the bellowing Sergeant Major and the military band (although some of the teachers did a really good impersonation, marching the children in and out of the hall). There were lots of exhausted and breathless children. The children found it challenging but great fun and became very competitive and supportive of each other.

The children were led by two community Sports Coaches from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council who gave a huge amount of encouragement to the children.

Some staff members joined in with the children to show them how it’s done – needless to say there were some very sore limbs the next morning.

The children thought it was great that they could try to beat their teachers in some of the timed activities and inevitably showed their teachers how it should be done.

The children were very creative and imaginative with their ideas.