Your article: Blind father Kevin faces dangerous daily dilemma

Kevin Malkin with his son Ben.
Kevin Malkin with his son Ben.

A blind father who faces challenges walking his son to school is asking motorists to consider where they park.

Kevin Malkin, 55, of Rundle Court, Pocklington, walks to Pocklington Prep School with his eight-year-old son Ben and his guide dog Solo. But what should be a safe walk turns into a daily nightmare.

The single parent often has problems getting past vehicles parked partly on footpaths, which do not all belong to parents taking their children to school. He has also come across trucks parked on pavements, and even skips. This means he has to walk onto the road with his son and guide dog, causing danger to all involved.

Mr Malkin, who has been blind since the age of 12, said: “There was a period not so long ago where two or three parked cars were on the pavement on a walk.

“One of the roads that tends to be quite bad is Broadmanor but I have come across it at other places, including George Street.”

The father-of-one has contacted Pocklington MP Sir Greg Knight and is now asking for your help to consider where you park. Peter Osborne, a guide dog owner and head of local mobility services, said: “We urge the public to think before they park their cars. Blind people are taught a route and if that particular route is interrupted, this can cause enormous consequences for blind and partially sighted people.”

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