Your article: Barmby Moor council and residents discuss various issues at annual meeting

The Green in Barmby Moor
The Green in Barmby Moor

A lot has happened in Barmby Moor over the past 12 months, here is a report of the annual parish meeting, where councillors and residents discussed various issues.

Over the year the parish council strongly supported, along with East Riding Council, the Boot IT group that meets regularly at the Boot and Slipper.

Also a ‘click and select’ shopping scheme. A severe weather grant has been successfully applied for.

A defibrillator grant has been approved and is to be housed either in the post box purchased from BT or the village hall. A Community Pay Back scheme has picked up litter, cut hedges, sided out pathways etc.

Every manhole in the village now has its own post code so as to ensure easy identification in the event of overflowing.

Councillor Spencer drew attention to the fact that cooking oil is the main source of blockage of the drains, and the problem continues.

The final phase of the street lighting refurbishment is to be improved on the green and in Flat Lane along with two new lights on Back Lane.

The cost will be £4,000 if lights only, £6,000 if new columns are needed. The wild life area has now formed a club and there is an action plan in place. The trees surrounding the area outside of the Manor House have been inspected and judged safe by East Riding Council tree inspectors.

The Jesfield / St Catherine’s site is now in its 11th year of inaction and the developers have been informed by East Riding Council that they are in danger of losing planning permission.

The loss of village green if the scheme proceeds will be made up for by it having been agreed that the little play park be incorporated into the village green.

There has been more subsidence in Sutton Lane.

The school is encouraging children to walk to school and the new modular classroom on its premises for which permission has been granted can be, as appropriate be utilised by other interested groups.

There may be the possibility that Kids Club and the school can come to an arrangement on its use by the former.

There is a new litter bin in Hall Spout, the councillors are trying for a 50mph speed limit on the B1426. Re. the Barmby Feast, North’s fair will have added rides and the road will be closed for the duration.

The councillors have given a grant to the Wolds Wonders and their drama work was praised.

A new trash gate has been provided for the beck in Keldspring Lane.

The Christmas tree at the pub was paid for by the parish council and kindly erected by the landlords.

The precept will have, in all probability, to go up a little in the future should the clerk requires a pension..

Councillor Wass reported that it is hoped dualling on the A1079 from Sutton Lane to Wilberfoss will ease the traffic flow. He drew attention to the fact there is no law stipulating that tractor drivers pull over to allow better flow of traffic.

Coun Hill reported he was impressed by the quality of legal advice available to councillors from ERNLLCA.

The council as an employer needs to have correct insurance and to provide a pension for individuals employed by it on a regular basis, for instance, the clerk.

He noted that two councillors have been trained to inspect the little play park equipment.

A representative from West Wolds Radio highlighted that there would be specialised programmes, outside broadcasts, folk music, talking to local groups as part of the provision on offer.

The radio station has been invited to the Barmby Moor Feast. The start up date is end of June / early July.

Coun Haynes reported on the activities of the Calley Trust. The Trust is more than 200-years-old and gives grants to the village hall, the playing field, students in need of equipment, school trips plus other deserving individual and group requests.

Senior citizens of the village benefit and the next trip for senior residents of the village is on 8 July taking in the North Star at Flamborough and then on to Bridlington.

Coun Laverack reported on the village hall. It is well used and well run.

Pilates, flower arranging, Yoga etc are run in the hall. The hall has been decorated.

The back room is to be developed and the committee needs to raise money.

Coun Rowbotham urged residents to report on the bane of dog fouling. Letters to be sent to offending owners with the prospect of fines for allowing the fouling.

Draft documents relating to neighbourhood development plans are awaited. Sponsorship to help with the landscaping of the Hodsaw Lane roundabout is hoped for.

The meeting was then opened to the residents.

Some thought that there should be more time for the expression of views. Residents complained about school traffic and parking at Holborn Estate. Residents have sent letters on the matter.

The school, it was felt, is bound to grow on the back of housing developments in Pocklington.

There is a need for more adequate parking arrangements around the school. The problem is the school’s problem and it should be sorted out. The education authority ought to both sort it out and pay for it.

Verges are being destroyed, parents are being inconsiderate, the increasing size of the cars adds to the problems.

Residents might consider putting a proposal on the matter to the parish council to pursue. The issue of the damage to the verges was highlighted more generally.

It was noted that a motorhome had broken a drainage pipe near the pumping station on Beckside. Some residents raised concerns about the wild life area. They thought it looked untidy. One councillor was moved to remark that wild life areas of their very nature will look ‘wild’. Questions were raised about the Jesfield / St Catherine’s site. If plans comes to fruition there will be eight houses, each house with two parking places. East Riding Council has informed the owners that footings must be in by 25 July and the two houses demolished else planning permission will lapse. There will be no loss overall of village green through the development as the little play park has been registered as village green.