Your article: Another bout of vandalism at park

Jubilee Park volunteer Pamela Broughton with the vandalised 'Vortex'.
Jubilee Park volunteer Pamela Broughton with the vandalised 'Vortex'.

A popular piece of equipment at a park in Fangfoss has been vandalised for a third time in just six years.

The ‘Vortex’ at Jubilee Park consists of a large perspex tube filled with water. When a handle is turned it creates a vortex of water inside the tube which is fascinating to watch – or should be.

But for whatever reason, some youngsters seem to think they can use the tube for target practice and throw stones at it, which results in cracks and holes appearing in it and the water leaking, rendering it unusable. It is believed the Vortex was vandalised over the last Bank Holiday weekend.

Lyn Grant, chairman of the committee that runs the Park explained: “The Vortex is a very unusual piece of equipment and is very popular. It stands at the entrance to the Park and is the first thing people see when they enter it, so needs to be in good condition. Over the last six years this piece of equipment has been vandalised three times. The first time we had the tube replaced, costing us over £1,000, but it only remained intact for a couple of months before succumbing to vandalism again. We have resorted to fixing it ourselves with a strong filler and then covering the tube with a plastic film. It doesn’t look as good, but seemed to hold together until this attack. “

“We don’t know what to do now. We cannot afford to keep repairing it. This is a privately funded park, run by volunteers in the village. We are always trying to raise funds for its upkeep and don’t want to put our money into this when it could be spent elsewhere. The committee feel really saddened that after all their hard work this has happened.

“We sometimes wonder if it is all worth while. But then we hear reports from visitors, who say it is one of the best parks in the county, and that’s what spurs us on.”

If anyone has any information about the vandalism could they can call Lyn on 01759 368384.