Your article: A fun-filled afternoon

Wolds Wonders' Cinderella pantomime
Wolds Wonders' Cinderella pantomime

Panto time came to Pocklington when the award-winning Wolds Wonders performed their latest production, ‘Cinderella’, a wonderfully traditional pantomime with all the much loved and familiar characters and story but with the Wolds Wonders’ individual touch.

From the first oyez to the wedding scene, we were treated to a fun-filled and enjoyable afternoon.

The actors gave a confident and assured performance which was a credit to their talents and to the excellent directing by Frances Kelly and the volunteers, a few of which took part, but it was mainly the company who led the action.

We were treated to a beautiful solo by Jason Cresswell and Peter Rand showed his now familiar touch in his dancing and a lesson on how to involve and milk an audience.

This, however, was an ensemble piece and was a huge credit to team work, working with and supporting each other.

Wolds Wonders fully deserve the awards they have won recently and credit must be given to the many volunteers who help them week after week.

If you have a few hours on a Wednesday to come along to Pocklington Arts Centre, I am sure they would be pleased to have your help as they grow in experience and confidence.

Be sure to come to their next production – you will have a thoroughly splendid afternoon.