Young Conservative group launched by Pock student

Councillor Mike Stathers is pictured with Matthew Atkins.
Councillor Mike Stathers is pictured with Matthew Atkins.

A new group for young Tory supporters in East Yorkshire has been launched by a young Conservative.

Conservative Future East Yorkshire (CFER) is being led by 15-year-old Matthew Atkins from Goodmanham and is already attracting interest from young people around the area.

Although it will be overseen by members of the East Yorkshire Conservative Constituency Association (EYCCA), the initiative is by the young for the young.

Similar minded Tory supporters are being encouraged to join the new organisation as a forum through which they can exchange views and for some to explore ways of developing a career in politics.

Matthew, who is a pupil at Pocklington School, said: “Politics is very important for all young people. The likelihood that our lives will be directly affected by the success, or otherwise, of a political party is almost a certainty. We saw at the last General Election that the grass of political competition has grown rapidly.

“The environment, health, education, transport, housing, the economy, Europe and rural affairs are all massively important issues and I believe we should look to alter the school curriculum to deliver better guidance in some of these areas.

“Teenage interest in politics has increased since May and even during the campaign television broadcasts showed just how keen young people are to have their views aired.”

Matthew wants to see CFER become the prominent political interest group in East Yorkshire, supporting the EYCCA by offering a different, younger perspective on a wide range of topics.

Mike Stathers, East Riding councillor in the Wolds Weighton Ward and business and community officer for the EYCCA, said the group would receive wholehearted support from the Association.

He added: “This is literally where Conservative support begins.

“It will also provide an excellent base for young people to exchange views and where they can get a better insight into local and national politics”.

Councillor Andy Burton, chairman of the EYCCA, said: “I applaud the efforts of Matthew and assure any young person wanting to get involved in politics that we at the EYCCA are here to listen and to involve.”

Email Mike Stathers on to find out more or contact the group.