Work set to begin on zebra crossing for dangerous road

HGV mounts the kerb to pass lorry
HGV mounts the kerb to pass lorry

A new zebra crossing will be put in place on a road which has seen numerous near misses.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has confirmed work will begin on London Street next week.

Last year, a concerned mum called for a safe crossing after her daughter was almost clipped by a car on the tight road.

Both Pocklington Town Council and Pocklington Provincial Ward Councillor Andy Strangeway called for a crossing to be implemented.

In November, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council released plans to install a crossing.

The scheme proposes additional no waiting and no loading at any time restrictions before the crossing.

And the bus stop will be relocated 80 to 100 metres eastwards onto St Helen’s Gate.

A gate or barrier is also to be installed at the end of the footpath from the school to prevent children running out onto the crossing.

And a 1.5 metre-wide footway will also be constructed at the crossing.

Mayor of Pocklington, Cllr David Sykes has praised the action by the county council.

“The crossing will make a big difference. It’s a very busy road and there is a lot of heavy goods vehicles and many cars which have to mount the pavement.

“It is going to be such an improvement and it is going to allow people to cross the road safely.”

Work will begin on Monday March 27.