Woman thanks neighbour for saving her home from blazing fire

wicstun way
wicstun way

A MOTHER has thanked a neighbour for saving her house from a blazing fire which started while she and her three children were inside.

Kirsty Jenkins-Foster, of Wicstun Way in Market Weighton, was at home with her daughter, who is 21 weeks-old, and her two sons, aged two and five, on Saturday evening while her husband was at work when the fire broke out.

The 25-year-old managed to get out of the house with her children after she saw flames taking hold in the kitchen.

After alerting the nighbours, one man risked his life by going into the house to put out the fire with bath towels soaked in water.

Mrs Jenkins-Foster, who works as a phlebotomist at a doctor’s surgery, said she is extremely grateful to neighbour Carl Frost for saving her house.

She said: “I would like to show my great thanks and massive appreciation to my brave neighbour who went into my house and did what most people would not do and saved my house.”

Mrs Jenkins-Foster was in bed watching TV while feeding her daughter when she smelt something burning.

She said: “At about 9.10pm I could smell what I thought at the time was dust on a light bulb and continued to watch Casualty for a while more until the smell just became really strong. It just smelt like burning plastic.

“I left my daughter on the bed and went to check on my two sons to make sure that they were both okay. They were both fast asleep so I proceeded to go down stairs and when I got to the bottom I could see smoke coming from round the frame and underneath the door.

“We have glass doors so I tried to look through and could just see smoke. I came into the living room to be greeted by masses of thick black smoke, I walked to the kitchen and could see a fire through the glass doors.”

After realising there was a fire, Mrs Jenkins-Foster then grabbed her daughter and woke up her two sons to tell them the house was on fire.

She then went outside and knocked on the next door neighbours’ house but nobody answered.

After laying her daughter on the ground outside she ran back upstairs to grab her two sons while on the phone to the fire brigade.

When she got back outside with her two sons she picked up her daughter and ran around the street banging on neighbours windows and doors screaming for help.

Mr Frost’s partner came out and took the children while Mrs Jenkins-Foster and Mr Frost went to tackle the blaze.

Mrs Jenkins-Foster said: “We went into the living room at this point and I had gone to get some bath towels soaked in water. It was at this point that the fire alarms went off.

I passed these to my neighbour who bravely put the fire out.

“I couldn’t breathe or stay in for as long as he could and left the property at this point. He never stopped or gave it a second thought. He’s our hero and in my eyes if it wasn’t for him the damage would have been so much worse.”

Two fire engines from Market Weighton fire station attended the scene at about 9.30pm.

The fire service told Mrs Jenkins-Foster that the fire was caused by a baby bag that was on top of the cooker, which had set alight.

Mr Frost was treated at the scene before being taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. Mrs Jenkins-Foster and her three children were taken to hospital for check-ups.

The family and Mr Frost were all given the okay and discharged from hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Mrs Jenkins-Foster said: “The damage to the house was mainly smoke damage and cosmetic damage.

“I am feeling very lucky. I feel like we have our very own guardian angel watching over us.”

Mrs Jenkins-Foster thanked all the neighbours who have helped and supported her and her family since the fire.

She said: “We have had endless offers of help and support throughout the weekend. One neighbour even donated us a new cooker and another brought over eight litres of paint and cleaning products. It just goes to show the world isn’t all bad and that there are still some good people around.”

Saturday’s incident was the latest in a spate of house fires in the region over the past month.

On 27 December a fire on Edward Street in Pocklington cost 47-year-old mum Patricia Wray her life.

In response to the recent fires, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is urging residents to think about their safety.

John Speak, watch manager at Market Weighton fire station, said: “We urge people to be careful with kitchen appliances and to make sure fire alarms are fitted and working.”