Wolds Diary with Sue Woodcock

Cawood has been the victim of serious flooding in the past. Picture: Ceri Oakes
Cawood has been the victim of serious flooding in the past. Picture: Ceri Oakes

I have been trying to sort out some of my paperwork especially when the rain has been coming down in stair rods. At other times it has been warm and pleasant and the dogs and I have ventured out for good walks.

I managed to finish a small patchwork blanket for a friend and was able to take it round for her.

It was of tie segments, mainly of animals, and backed with a fleecy blanket, for her grandchildren to use when they come to visit her.

I also went to the doctor’s to get the results of a number of tests, to check all was well with me, which it is. I feel so much better now than I have for the last three months.

I had obviously had a nasty virus. I even have a bit of energy now.

On the Wednesday after a walk I realised my Staffie, Brock, was coughing and running a temperature so took her straight to the vet who gave her some injections and some tablets.

She was quite poorly for a couple of days but is now improving. I never have problems dosing either cats or dogs, I find the use of chicken liver pate a real godsend.

I have to watch Brock, she has a tendency to eat strange things, like bees and wasps and insects.

At the moment there are spiders invading the house.

Most mornings I have to remove large ones from the bath, and put them in the garden. I used to be frightened of spiders but having visited Australia, I’m no longer scared of British ones.

I had a very exciting and wonderful day on Saturday.

I’d been asked to go to the Cawood Craft Festival, and I was thrilled to find it was an absolute delight of the kind of things that fascinate and interest me.

I was royally hosted and having arrived at the school, and parked there I found my host at the other end of the village. There was a free shuttle bus running.

We went back to the school for a cup of coffee and I visited the Meccano exhibition, and then the quilting one.

This was truly amazing with some superb work on display that told of hours of skilful dedication.

I was asked to ride in the opening parade and, joy of joys, I was seated in an open topped Austin Healey Frog Eyed Sprite, a green one that was both original and beautiful.

As the parade began it started to rain, but as I assured my hosts, I had been wet before and survived it.

I opened the festival, and got to talk to many wonderful and interesting people, and then met Bishop John of Selby with his lovely wife and beautiful daughter.

After having a quick look round the vicarage gardens, (sadly this is the last time the festival can be based there as the premises have been sold), we headed off to the old boys school for a delicious lunch.

I couldn’t resist a slice of the coffee and walnut cake.

Soon after I was whisked off to the Norman church by the river.

Cawood has suffered from serious flooding in the past and my host was one of the flood wardens who explained how flood gates and walls had been built to protect the village.

The exhibits in this beautiful church were of the highest standard, and there were some superb examples of woodwork, art and photography.

Then it was to the Castle Gate, the only remaining part of the castle, where there were many charity stalls including one of my favourites, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, where

I knew one of the volunteers. There were four lovely alpacas there too looking a bit fed up with the rain but tucking into a hay bag.

Back at the vicarage I went round the stalls, and found some wonderful things to buy and ended up with a heavy bag full of goodies.

Then we caught the shuttle bus back, had a tour of the village, and I headed home, soaked but having had a wonderful day in great company.

Once home, I needed to change into dry clothes, and then walked the dogs and fed them, grabbed a cup of coffee and was off to a quiz evening at the Stewart Bowling Club here in Pocklington.

I met up with some people I already knew and some I didn’t and had a very entertaining evening.

I paired up with a fascinating lady and we had a laugh. We didn’t win the quiz but didn’t disgrace ourselves either.