Wolds Diary with Sue Woodcock

Enjoying the Bishop Wilton Show and Craft Fair where I judged three classes.
Enjoying the Bishop Wilton Show and Craft Fair where I judged three classes.

Some weeks are busier than others and I’ve been very busy this week.

On Monday, after helping a friend pick some raspberries and redcurrants in her garden, I headed off with the dogs on a long and rather warm walk with the three younger dogs, and then later took them all for a shorter walk in my favourite woodland, where some of them enjoyed cavorting in the pond much to the outrage of a pair of ducks which flew up into the trees while my lot borrowed their water.

I also took Brock, my Staffie, to a friend’s field where she snuffled round for rabbits in an attempt to discourage the rabbits from eating too much soft fruit and vegetables in the adjacent garden.

I then went to the last rehearsal before the summer break with Pocklington Singers.

On Wednesday it was Driffield Show. This is one of the best one-day shows I know and I was only too delighted to be asked to help on a stall there, but I also had plenty of time to explore.

I set off pretty early but still got caught up in the queue of traffic entering the showground, but I managed to park in an allocated field very close to the showground. It was hot but just bearable and seemed well attended.

I watched cattle, sheep, horses and even had a look at a lot of somewhat sleepy pigs, and met a huge number of delightful dogs. I met friends and had a great day.

I bought some sandals, a bottle of Yorkshire Gin, which I had discovered last year and really liked, and was entranced by the variety of trade stalls. Then I was given a couple of sheep fleeces.

My rucksack and the bag containing fleeces were much heavier on the way back to the car. I had got a new camera earlier in the week but in the end hardly used it.

On Thursday I was invited to talk to the U3A group at Beverley. The meeting was held in the very imposing Memorial Hall.

I was made most welcome by my hosts and I think the talk went well.

I am so lucky that I get to meet such great people at all these places I go. I must be feeling better because I even summoned up the courage to politely decline biscuits with the coffee, intending to start my diet for real. I got back in time to head to a rehearsal for HMS Pinafore, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

On the Friday morning some friends came round in search of some stones to start a small rocky area for something in their garden.

They knew I collect stones and found plenty to suit their needs. They also took a rabbit run, for a friend of theirs, that I had been given. That left a bit more room in the garage. My boiler needed an annual service and the friendly plumber came round, sorted it all out for me and then I took off for another walk with the dogs.

Saturday was a slightly cooler day that was very full. I had been incredibly flattered to be asked to judge the poetry competition at Wetwang village show.

I have travelled through Wetwang many times but this was the first time I had a chance to look round it.

I have become quite a connoisseur of village halls over the last few years, but I have never found a posher one than the hall at Wetwang.

It even has a mezzanine floor and is very splendid.

I was impressed indeed with the talent and high standard of the poetry, finding it very hard to pick winners out of the wonderful entries. I had three classes to judge and can only conclude that there is a wealth of talent in Wetwang.

I was treated to a delicious lunch in delightful company before heading off, and was able to call in at the Bishop Wilton Show and Craft Fair, where I had fun trying archery.

I learned about, and looked at the Battle of Stamford Bridge tapestry project, and then met friends who were showing their Portland and Lincoln Longwool as well as some North Ronaldsay sheep.

I held a Lincoln lamb while they went and fetched some super fleeces for me, which they knew I could spin. Fortunately, the lamb behaved himself.

It was a great day with lots to interest me and enjoy. My garage is now rather full.