Wolds Diary: The Sorcerer will be great for Halloween

This week Sue's travels gave her an opportunity to take in Howden Minster.
This week Sue's travels gave her an opportunity to take in Howden Minster.

I have had another busy week. Having decided to totally reorganize my living accommodation in my bungalow I have been moving things around and disposing of items of furniture that really are not practical and importing others that will make my place tidier and easier to maintain.

I’ve also got quotes for some plumbing work to be done to make things a bit easier and more efficient.

I began the week by going to my bank and getting a couple of new accounts set up and my finances sorted.

That having been achieved I took the dogs for a decent walk and then washed them when we got back from a particularly muddy swampy area they had discovered.

All week I have had a pretty miserable cold but have kept going.

On the Tuesday I was invited to speak to the Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association at the delightful village of Lockington.

First I had to find it. I arrived while there was still a little daylight left and was entranced by the stream that flowed by the road where the most lovely houses were situated, and found the village hall in plenty of time. This is a Victorian building and very interesting to me, as the hall could be divided by the most ingenious contraption of moveable doors. It was a pleasant evening and I enjoyed their company.

The next evening it was off to another talk, this time on familiar ground to the Friendship group at the Methodist church at Upper Poppleton, where I had spoken last year.

I met some fascinating people there and they generously held a raffle for my charity.

I was expecting a delivery of shelving units the next day, and the delivery drivers helpfully rang me about an hour before they arrived. They were a pleasant couple of lads who took great care.

I went to a rehearsal for the Sorcerer that evening. It is turning out rather well and will be a suitable production for Halloween evening. It will be staged in the church which is very large and I do hope lots of folk come. The young lady who has the principle role of Aline has the most fabulous voice I’ve heard in many years and a composure and maturity well beyond her 15 years. In years to come I will be able to boast that I sang with her before she became famous.

The next day I took the dogs up to the hills on a really long walk, that we sometimes do, and is seldom used. It incorporates a bridleway and I’ve often seen signs of horses but never meet any. This time I met three and carefully got the dogs out of the way of the horses in plenty of time. I used to ride and have no wish to upset the horses and I’m not sure what my Staffie would do in close proximity.

The dogs had a great run and once home were out for the count for the rest of the day. I left them to it and went up to a superstore at Monks Cross and even bought myself a new pair of jeans as my weight loss has caused me to have rather ill-fitting clothes.

We have a wonderful antiques place on the A1079, run by friends of mine at Barmby Moor. I went up to see if they had a specific sized and styled bookcase, which they had and I brought it home and put it in my hall.

This got me thinking so the next day I headed off to Goole where I had seen something similar in a community furniture shop. I was gutted to be told it had closed months ago but I found a couple of nice pieces at the Alzheimer’s Society shop where they were most helpful.

I then remembered another stall in Doncaster’s Irish Market and drove on and found a very neat bookcase there and the lovely young man kindly put it in the car for me. I like Doncaster and the people are so friendly. I parked in a multi-storey car park and a gentleman kindly explained how to work the ticket machine.

I even stopped off at the charity shop in Howden on the way back. I took time to admire the Minster there as well. It is most magnificent.

Once home I cleaned the new items, and put them in the desired spot and I am well pleased with them. I certainly have enough books to fill them – they are better there than in piles on my study floor.