Wolds Diary: Some firms may never recover from flooding

Businesses on Walmgate in York are still reeling from the floods. Picture: SWNS.com / Chris Oakes.
Businesses on Walmgate in York are still reeling from the floods. Picture: SWNS.com / Chris Oakes.

For me this has been a rather quiet week. I did, however, go to Melbourne village hall to talk to the Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association there one afternoon. They were a great crowd and I already knew quite a few of them.

Melbourne is not far from Pocklington and I often go to see friends or indulge myself and my dogs on one of the wonderful walks nearby.

The ladies had baked the most delicious cakes, including coffee cakes, and I just had to try some. They even gave me some to take home with me. My resuming diet is now on for next week.

There have been some frosty days when the dogs and I have ventured out for walks, but none of us seemed too keen to stay out long.

I have been busy inside with rearranging some of the rooms and now my bedroom has been redecorated, I have repositioned the countless pictures. I have pictures of those I have loved, mainly animals, but also my grandmother and a few friends, to remind me how lucky I am.

I also managed to get the new book up to standard and sent a copy to a great friend near Huddersfield, as she has done nothing but encourage me. I also sent it to my publishers and await their decision.

My friend rang the day after she had received it to say she had read it three times!

I went into York one day, to get a new keyboard for the computer as my other one was not working very well and was driving me insane.

I took the Park and Ride as I usually do and first visited the church of St Michael at Spurriergate, which has an excellent cafe, and I was hoping for one of their date and oat slices. Instead I had to have an apricot crumble slice.

I went and bought the keyboard, which was much cheaper than I had feared, and did my normal trail round certain shops and returned to catch the bus, hoping to get some bread from a delicatessen in Walmgate.

I was very sad that the place had been flooded badly and was closed until the floors can be replaced or dried out.

Everywhere round Walmgate there are premises closed for refurbishing, and there are still many signs of the floods.

It is going to take months for things to resume as normal. Some businesses lost only a few days because of the floods, others may never get going again.

The road from Pocklington to the village of Warter and thus to Driffield is now passable having been closed due to floods for nearly a month.

The roads everywhere are still very puddle covered and the recent rain after the cold snap has not helped. The ground is saturated and it is a bit depressing but life carries on.

I drove over to Bridlington on the Friday afternoon to man a premises there. It was a quiet afternoon but I managed to finish the pair of fingerless gloves I have been knitting for a cycling friend.

A large sack of ties was left at church for me from a kind lady, in the hope I could use them. I had a couple sent to me in the post too and I have been busy sorting them out.

Among them are a quantity of cricketing ones which I shall use for a cricketing themed cover or cushions.

To mark the week of Christian Unity, we had a special service on Sunday, with all the local churches together.

The choir duly rehearsed three anthems and when the day came, the Rt Rev Dr John Thomson, the Bishop of Selby, came and gave an inspiring sermon on the Beatitudes.

I seldom get excited by sermons as I have heard a lot in my time but this one was so good. Not only shall I remember it but I think the vision of a bishop rocking down the aisle in his robes to the hymn We areMarching in the Light of God is an image I will carry with me for years.

One of my friends has been stranded without her car for a few days so I have happily taken her to the shops. It gives me an excuse for more shopping.

One of my dogs had to go to the vet but thankfully is now cured and no longer has to wear her collar that looked like a big blue umbrella, to stop her licking a sore on her leg. With as many animals as I have there is always something wrong.