Wolds Diary: Modern frustrations – and a costly surprise

The multitude of berries means the birds will not go hungry.
The multitude of berries means the birds will not go hungry.

I have had quite a week of frustrations, on a variety of things. I have also decided that I hate computers. I don’t think I like the people who sell them much either.

I bought a new computer a year ago and it’s only now I discover I’m expected to pay through the nose for what I thought I had purchased as a one-off. I have to renew almost everything.

I’ve spent some time rearranging finances this week, and have had to contact various companies to do so. I’m afraid my patience has been sorely tried, and I’m utterly exasperated by ringing numbers only to be put through to dreadful music while you are kept on hold.

When you do finally get somewhere and complete the business, they then want you to spend even more time by giving them feedback, and ask you to do a customer service survey.

They are obviously not worried or don’t pay any attention to what you say as I’ve not had any attempt to find out why I’ve given a bad review. I did finally get to speak to a person and mentioned that as I am musical I found the noise purporting to be music that was played on their phone was offensive, and the tape was wearing out and the lady did admit she had never listened to it.

I took six of my seven pets to my wonderful vets for their annual inoculations and came away a great deal poorer, but I was happy in the knowledge they were all fit and healthy. I wormed and de-flead the lot of them.

My Labrador, Boo, did have a slight ear infection which is now being treated. Considering some of the places the dogs go, and what they insist on rolling in, they need protection.

They have had a good week exploring the undergrowth on walks and finding the most exciting muddy dykes to squelch in, all except Looroll who does not ‘do’ water in any shape or form except to drink it.

On the Tuesday I was invited up to Harrogate to talk to the Harlow Friendship club there. What a lovely group of people. I enjoyed meeting them so much. One kind gentleman gave me some ties he no longer needed.

I managed to visit a superstore en route and discovered a couple of new varieties of fat-free yoghurt, not available in my area, which are a pleasant addition to my very limited diet.

On the way back I popped in at a supermarket just outside Knaresborough, and stocked up on another kind. An attempt at keeping my diet interesting...

The next day I had booked my car in for a service. The garage rang me to confirm they should replace a couple of worn parts.

By five I was getting a bit worried that I hadn’t heard from them and rang, and they explained that they had been let down, not once but twice, by the supply company of the parts, and I agreed to pick the car up the next day.

I had to alter my plans but it wasn’t the fault of my garage. I had also managed to contract a head cold so was not able or willing to go to rehearsal that night, mainly so I didn’t give my cold to everyone else.

The next day, eventually, about midday the car was fixed and I set off to Bridlington, for a commitment there. The drive over to the coast is always pleasant and I managed to chill on my way there.

I was manning a premises but it wasn’t busy, so I knitted quite a bit of a sock while I was there. While I was out I had a huge bag of ties delivered, from a contact in Leeds so the rest of the evening was spent sorting them out.

The evenings are closing in very early now and autumn is properly upon us, even if the weather has been fine.

The views and colours as I have been driving to and fro have been stunning. Multi-hued leaves are scattered everywhere and in my garden these are complemented by the lingering flower blossoms of Morning Glory, Passion flower and clematis, yet I am still harvesting cucumbers and greens from my vegetable patch.

The berries in the hedgerows are many and the birds will not go hungry this year. That does not stop them expecting largesse from my bird feeders, however.