Wolds Diary: Creepy crawlies return - but no clowns in bath

Sue Woodcock
Sue Woodcock

I do love this time of the year, when it is warm and pleasant. At night it’s not been too hot and I’m woken pretty early by a chorus of birdsong from the hedge surrounding my garden. Of course I encourage them by making sure there is always plenty of bird food available.

Whatever time I want to get up in the morning, it is always the same, I get up just after seven when the dogs get up. They seem to have in-built alarm clocks.

My first job is to let them out into the back garden, then I medicate one of my cats and feed both of them, then I let the dogs back in, put the kettle on, have a wash and then I can start the day. This last week I’ve had a couple of early starts however.

I had an early appointment with my doctor one day, and the next I was booked for a morning talk at Thirsk, to the Ladies Probus Club there.

I know only too well about the traffic jams getting in or around York on a weekday morning, so I left much earlier than I needed to. It was actually quite a pleasant and easy drive.

My satnav took me through some back roads and I saw a sign to a “Creepie Crawlie” place. I decided to call in there on the way back, if I had time. That kind of thing rather interests me.

I’ve been through Thirsk many times but I had never taken the time to properly explore and I discovered it to be a fine town with many good features. The centre has a magnificent square and there are many good shops.

I found out where to park in the hotel car park and was treated to a cup of coffee before the meeting began. I learn a lot of things at meetings about various societies.

I gave the talk and headed off into the town for a bit more shopping before I came home. I found some good charity shops too.

To my dismay my satnav took me a much more direct and obvious route home and I shall have to visit the “creepies” at a later date.

I seem to have a fair few spiders in my house and garden already. They are the large house spiders that sit there doing press ups in the bath waiting for a meal to arrive. I always rescue them and put them in a safe place.

My lodger, when he was cleaning his room, found a dead one and I had to go in and remove it for him. He is not keen on spiders.

I cannot criticise as I suffer from coulrophobia (a fear of clowns) which is far less rational than arachnophobia. I have met some pretty vicious spiders while abroad but never a deadly clown.

Apart from the usual dog walks, I have not had time to get out and about that much, but I did call in to my local solicitor to start making a new will. I am releasing some equity from my house and I also called in on our local funeral director to arrange the payment of a funeral plan, so it is done and dusted. I think both are rather important.

I don’t really have any close family and need to put things right now.

Of course I intend to live forever but if I get it done now I can stop fretting about it.

There was a good rehearsal for The Sorcerer this week. I have switched to singing alto for it, as we are very short of altos and it is years since I did that; I last sang in The Sorcerer over 40 years ago.

For a small town, Pocklington has a lot going on. It is very alive with interesting things.

Our local tip, which is situated just outside the town, was closed initially for a couple of weeks for refurbishment. The staff there are always so helpful, and I cannot fault them.

After the date I was told it was reopening I went down with a couple of bags full of things for recycling, but was unlucky as they were extending the break for a further week. I went back this week. It looked largely the same until I spotted the concrete had been re-laid and there were smart new fencing panels around the perimeter. It is very well managed and I had a chat with one of the staff.

I have done a lot of gardening, and sorting out things for the charity shops. It is so much easier to clean an uncluttered house.