Wolds Diary: Countryside is vibrant with an array of tones

Sue Woodcock
Sue Woodcock

It seems that in August all social activity grinds to a halt as most people have a holiday.

With five dogs and two cats I can’t really have one but I do appreciate a slight slowing down of the social scene.

The countryside is looking wonderful at the moment. The golden colour of the ripe wheat in the fields as the combine harvesters gather in the harvest is contrasted by the white flowers adorning the potato plants in neighbouring fields . The oilseed rape is now a firm brown.

Then there is the vibrant green of the hedgerows, and undergrowth, and periodically the wonderful blue skies with white fluffy clouds to offset it.

I suspect that we truly appreciate how wonderful our summers are because we have such a contrast throughout the year. Yes we have had a bit of rain, for which I say thank you as my garden needs it, but the weeds like it too and I am fighting a never-ending battle with them.

Some buddleias self-planted in my garden over the winter and they are now in beautiful purple bloom and the butterflies and bees are all over them. The smell of sweetness from the shrubs is most attractive, to me as well as the insects. The families of sparrows that feed at my bird feeders has increased and the little ones are almost self-sufficient now.

I have been eating some vegetables from my garden for several weeks.

There are a host of cabbage white butterflies happily eating my cabbage plant and I even discovered a very large and very hairy caterpillar in one of my young apple trees. My diet seems to be working rather well, and the loss of weight I have achieved has made me feel much better.

My doctor, a very pleasant young lady, is pleased with me. I have had to be rather single-minded about it and have changed my eating habits quite drastically.

I found a new walk this week, quite close to my home and the dogs and I appreciate it. Of course, I managed twice in succession to head out on a walk and timed it so that I and the dogs came back soaked. I have, however, been wet before, and survived it. I even managed to dry the dogs off before they headed for my bed and duvet.

My godson came over for the day with his wife and their 14-month-old son, and their dog, who was once fostered with me.

The little boy is a happy intelligent chap and stunned me when he sat beside his father who was playing my keyboard, and played with him.

His father was always musical and it looks like the boy is too. We had a great day and I was so pleased to see them. I am not renowned for being maternal but this little lad certainly pulled my heart strings. He is refreshingly curious, and walking already and pulled open a set of cabinet doors in the living room before we could head him off. Out came a cascade of balls of wool, which almost buried him. He thought they were great fun!

He then happily played with these for ages.

This prompted me to consider a tidy up. His mother knows me well enough to know that I would rather see him playing happily than worry over a few balls of wool.

I have had to make some decisions for my future this week and have sought advice and am now in a better position to make any such decisions.

I have also begun to have a proper clear out of things I do not need or use. I went through my cutlery drawers and discarded almost a whole large box of items I have duplicates of or will just not use. These will be going to a charity shop in the near future.

Another afternoon, I went to visit a friend and was shown round their house and garden, which fascinated me. They are geologists and there were wonderful fossils and rock samples that I admired, especially a huge Ammanoid that lives by their fireplace.

Out in their garden we sat supping elderflower cordial. Nearby there was a swarm of flying ants making the grass look as if it was alive. We sat in the sunshine and gloried in the surroundings.

Everywhere there were Peacock butterflies and Red Admirals and some rare varieties that fluttered around, making the place look like a flying jewel display.