Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

I decided to treat myself on the way back from the doctor’s surgery one day.

I popped into our local supermarket and bought a freshly cooked pizza with my choice of toppings – ham, pineapple and mushrooms – I got home and sat down and ate a couple of slices, and then a third.

Then the phone rang in another room so I carefully put the pizza box in what I thought was a safe place, answered the call.

After taking the call, I sat down and reached for the box and it was as I had left it, only with a distinct absence of pizza.

I looked around and the dogs were sitting just where they had been before but one, Looroll, looked guilty and did lick her chops. I thought it through and realised she is the only dog athletic and tall enough to have climbed up and taken the food without disturbing anything else.

Maybe she did me a favour, I was supposed to be on a diet... She didn’t even look in the slightest bit guilty.

I will put anything edible in a more secure place in future. I should have known better.

On another day I drove over to Harrogate. I’d been contacted by a lady who wanted to give me an unfinished quilt she had started and could no longer complete.

On the journey, down the A64 I noticed a succession of raptors, hovering over the road side, obviously hunting.

At first it was a series of kestrels, then a red kite and finally I saw a buzzard much higher up.

I love Harrogate but not the traffic there.

I found the house I wanted opposite the impressive Majestic Hotel.

The lady lived in the buildings that were built at the turn of the 1900s and her place was immaculate.

Over a coffee, I looked at some of her beautiful pictures and there, on one of her walls, was a copy of a picture I know well, as it was on the wall of a house I lived in as a child.

It was of the Duke of Wellington, astride Copenhagen.

It was like meeting an old friend. She offered me a biscuit, and I can honestly say she bakes the best ginger nuts I have ever had.

I learned something very interesting while I was there.

The land on which both the hotel and surrounding buildings had been sold for the purpose by Howard Carter, the Egyptologist that found Tutankhamun’s tomb. I learn something new every day.

On one walk with the dogs this week I managed to gain a very handsome black Labrador, called Spud, for a while, until we came across his owner.

The dogs all played together before we parted and I got back to the car with five very happy, tired and grubby dogs.