The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

It has been an interesting week. On Monday I went out to the post office and to the shops and then took the dogs for a bit of a walk.

Thursday, 8th June 2017, 5:00 pm
The Hessle Cricket Club ground offers stunning views of the Humber Bridge.

It was rather warm and they rushed inside to lie in the shade when we got home.

Then in the late afternoon I set off for Cottingham.

This East Yorkshire village has a beautiful church and arriving early I had time to call in at a pub near the car park for a fruit juice and to find out exactly the location of the talk I had travelled here for.

It was to the local Lions group and they were a super crowd.

We had a delicious meal and then I got them laughing a bit, and then a bit more.

The next day was supposed to be a bit of a rest day, but it never seems to turn out like that. It was also a bit on the warm side.

I made it to the hairdressers, and then I even did a bit of gardening and some house work. I waited until quite late in the evening to walk the dogs as it was just too hot earlier in the day.

I had two talks booked and one was at the beautiful, scenic village of Lothersdale, west of Keighley. I always allow plenty of time to get to anywhere, in case of hold-ups, and had I had a straight run I would have had ample time.

My satnav directed me via Leeds. I always enjoy the outer ring road to the north of the city, it is very green and rather attractive.

I needed to go through Keighley but I got totally gridlocked as the main road to Skipton was closed due to a major accident.

I arrived two minutes late at the charming village hall at Lothersdale.

The talk was to the over 60s club and what a great audience they were!

They all gave me bags of ties to bring home, which was sweet of them.

I decided not to return the way I’d come so headed north of Skipton and directly on to my next talk at the Methodist church in Brough.

The ladies there are very pleasant and we all felt sad about the events in Manchester. The hymn we sang was most appropriate, Make Me A Channel of Your Peace.

I collected some runner bean plants from a friend the next morning and spent some time digging in compost to my vegetable patch.

I then drove to Fishlake to give a talk there, stopping off at a garden centre at Howden, where I was greeted by a charming black Labrador who duly sniffed me and decided I was suitable to be allowed in.

I was rather intrigued to see a piano right in the middle of the displays.

Then on to Fishlake, a rather pleasant village by the River Don.

I was so early I had time for a fruit juice at the pub by the river and sat outside and watched kingfishers darting to and fro.

On the Friday I planted the beans in the garden and apart from a short walk, I managed to relax for a bit but made it to choir practice at the church that evening.

Saturday was cricket day. This time I was asked to score for the first XI and we went to the Hessle club.

Their ground is spectacular, with a stunning view up to the Humber Bridge, and the ground is beside the shoreline.