The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

It has been quite a week. On the Sunday I was helping at church assisting the church warden. After the service I went for a walk with the dogs and then settled down and finished some knitting I was doing.

Friday, 9th March 2018, 12:53 pm
I went to Pocklington School to watch Michael Cooper perform in the excellent music department.

I was still hooked on the Winter Olympics. It was quite chilly on Monday and I managed a short walk and then did mainly housework until it was time to head into the church rooms for the penultimate rehearsal of Pocklington Singers before our concert on March 3. We are singing, amongst other things, Faure’s Requiem, a beautiful piece.

We practiced inside the church which always makes it seem more like the real thing. Some friends of mine in the choir had told me of a wonderful lady, Mabel, who reads this diary, who is going to be 105 next month, and how she keeps an interest in me. They provided me with her address, so I could send a card.

The next day I was due to go over to Grassington for another fitting of my new dentures. As Mabel lives at Gargrave which is not that further on, I called in to see her and give her a little gift. She is wonderful lady and I admire her.

On Wednesday I walked the dogs and, in the evening, I went to a concert, at the (very posh) Pocklington School music department. It was Michael Cooper, performing A Century of Comic Songs and it was one of the best evenings I have spent for some years.

There was much laughter, and I did, on occasions feel just a little old when I recognised or even knew most of them. I got home relaxed and very happy

That night I was suddenly taken rather ill and sent the most of the next day in bed. The best way to describe it was a ‘non-day’.

I managed to pull myself together in the evening and made it to a rehearsal of the Celebration Singers, practicing songs from My Fair Lady. By the next morning I was able to ring the doctors and they are so helpful here in Pocklington, they fitted me in with an appointment to see the practice nurse. I had two prescriptions for antibiotics.

They seem to be working and have only one drawback, I cannot drink alcohol with them, which will last seven days! I felt much better on Saturday and apart from a short walk with the dogs, had an easy day.

On Sunday we had a choir in church and I was also due to read one of the lessons, I went in early, and it was a good thing I did, the town was swarming with runners for a road race called the Snake Lane race, that happens every year. Not only was it very difficult to park in town, the disabled access to those wishing to attend church is restricted and we had to speak to the marshals about it.

Last year they tried to stop all access to the church paths and we had to cut the tapes. I don’t mind them coming to our beautiful town but they take it over without considering the local population.

I popped round to my friends in the afternoon and spent time with Boo, the Labrador. She is so happy there.