The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

The weather has pretty much dictated everything this last week, well, almost everything.

Thursday, 15th March 2018, 12:14 pm
I had to cancel a talk in Market Weighton and my visit to the dentist after the Beast from the East brought snow to the area.

When I was up in the Dales at 1,000ft I expected snow and all the extra work it entailed. Yes, I could also appreciate the beauty but seldom for long!

Having moved a bit closer to habitation and dare I say civilisation I think I might be getting a little soft. I have decided I prefer my snow on Christmas cards.

On Monday, we had the last practice for a concert at the church. It was certainly rather cold and I think we all deserved a session in our local afterwards.

As I was on antibiotics I couldn’t have any alcohol but still enjoyed it.

During the day I had attempted to get the dogs out. They did not seem to appreciate it. On the Tuesday, I forced them out for a longer run and then allowed them a spell on my electric blanket afterwards to warm up.

I had been invited to speak at a group at Snaith in the evening and set off early. The roads were not too bad but in places the snow was blowing. I took my time and made it to Snaith and the rather magnificent Methodist Church.

I was early and waited in the car in the snow-covered car park. The group began to arrive and what a lovely group of ladies they were. They were the Young Wives Club.

They were a charming and responsive audience. By the time the meeting was over we came out to a blizzard, and I realised ‘The Beast from the East’ had arrived. All the ladies were local and had lifts home, so I set off.

To say it was an interesting journey was an understatement. I just wish some drivers realised just how dangerous overtaking into nil visibility was. Two large articulated lorries came rushing towards me and nearly put me off the road. I survived and got home with me and the car in one piece. Overnight the storm came in with a vengeance.

My expected talk at Market Weighton the next day was cancelled. I had postponed my visit to Grassington, to the dentist, due to the conditions. I always feel if the authorities ask you not to travel it is wise to listen.

My talk at Hessle the next day was also cancelled. I had an appointment at the doctors here in Pocklington and by this time the main roads were clear.

I managed some shopping and then took the dogs out for a walk. It was still bitterly cold on the tops and we were not out long. I found several small dead birds that had obviously died from the cold. On Saturday we had our concert at the church.

There was a surprisingly large audience given the weather and it went very, very well. Faure’s Requiem is beautiful, and we had two amazing visiting soloists, Thomas Burton and Mark Wharfedale. His rendering of Panis Angelicus by Cesar Frank was the best I have ever heard. I got home to a warm house.