The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

I have had a relatively quiet week. The weather has been rather varied. The dogs have not really enjoyed the wet or the cold and neither have I.

Wednesday, 21st March 2018, 2:00 pm
I had to visit York for some X-rays my doctor had requested. Afterwards I went into the city centre where I picked up some wool.

After a short walk with them on the Monday, I settled down to do some writing trying to get my next book ready for the publishers. I can only really write well if I am not tired. I gave up mid-morning and went shopping. In the evening the Pocklington Singers had their AGM.

As soon as we had finished we had a rousing attempt at The Heavens are Telling from Haydn’s Creation, which we will be doing at our next concert, and then a short visit to our local pub.

The weather had been improving and the next day, although it was still chilly, I managed a longer walk with the dogs, and then of course had to clean them up as well as the floors they had wandered over with very muddy paws.

In the evening I set off towards Doncaster. I had been invited to speak to the WI at Armthorpe, a large village just outside the city.

I was very early, but already the good ladies of the WI were preparing for their 90th birthday celebrations.

I was made very welcome and before long the tables in the room were filling up. When all was ready I began my talk and they were a great audience. Then we had the raffle, and I even won a prize. I managed to chat to some fascinating ladies and then after the cutting of a very splendid birthday cake I was given a piece and set off home.

The next day I went up to York and to the hospital for some X-rays my doctor had requested. They are always so pleasant and helpful there and I hardly had to wait any time before they fitted me in.

I came back through the city centre and visited several outlets without success but eventually found an excellent wool shop, where I tried to match some wool I had been knitting socks with. I was unable to find an exact match, but one was close enough.

I have had to alter the socks so they both have slightly different coloured toe areas, but they will suffice for me when I am walking.

I had stopped off at my local nurseries and bought yet more bird food and have taken a lot of delight in watching the birds in and around my garden as well as in the fields and woods nearby.

Everywhere the birds are building nests; taking wisps of dried grass and anything they can find to build with. They know spring is not far away and are preparing for it.

There are two splendid pairs of robins that are getting quite bold.

The next day I was back at the hospital again this time to see a consultant. The nurse who looked after me, Emma, was wonderful.

The consultant was an equally charming woman. I have to return at another time, but they do not think I have much to worry about.

When I got home from York a couple of friends came round for a cuppa, and we had a good chat and then I tackled the problem of amending the socks. It was easier than I had thought.