The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

After a comparatively quiet weekend, Monday was a busy day. I walked the dogs and did some housework and then in the evening made my way up to Osbaldwick just outside York, to their very fine sports club where I had been invited to speak to the Osbaldwick and Murton WI.

Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 7:12 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 7:15 am
Rev Geoff Hollingsworth held his last service at All Saints Church before his retirement.

I arrived in heavy rain and all the roads had large puddles, if not worse. There was water everywhere. As I sat in the warmth and comfort of my car, a lady came and opened up and I went into the very splendid clubhouse to help get things ready.

They were a very responsive audience and great fun. Their theme for the night was sheep. There was a white chocolate Shaun the Sheep and I was so grateful I was not asked to eat it. I am trying so hard to stick to my diet.

I arrived back in Pocklington just in time to join the Pocklington Singers in the pub.

I popped into town the next day to visit the bank and do a little shopping and then had a quiet day. I had been warned that some long-standing friends might be visiting and prepared the spare room. On Wednesday morning they texted me to say they were on their way. I left a key for them and headed off to the beautiful, tranquil, and very fine village of West Lutton, not far from Sledmere. I stopped off at the farm shop at Sledmere and bought some lovely items. From there I drove to West Lutton. As usual I was early and so I had a look round the outside of a rather fine church, read the information boards outside the pub and then spotted some rather splendid sheep in a small field nearby. They were Dorset Poll sheep in fantastic condition.

Then I found the house and was met by my hostess and went into this lovely cottage where the West Lutton Ladies group were to meet. They were a wonderful audience and laughed rather a lot. Then I had a bit of a dilemma. Our hostess had baked the most wonderful cakes and biscuits and I felt it would be rude to refuse so I broke my diet and sampled some of the best cakes in years.

I got home to greet my friends and we caught up on many years, and then we all went to the pub at Millington for a fabulous steak. The next day we chilled out and chatted. I had to go to a rehearsal of the Celebration Singers in the evening, so I dropped my friends at a pub in Pocklington. They headed off to Lincolnshire the next morning, and in the afternoon, I visited York Hospital.

Once home the dogs went for a short walk as the weather was turning nasty. I went to choir practice in the evening. Saturday was cold, snowy and I tried to walk the dogs and met with a blank refusal. That suited me. I kept in the warm and worked on my new book.

On Sunday it was a group service at church, as it was the last service led by our vicar, before his retirement. I shall miss Geoff Hollingsworth and his lovely wife very much. In the afternoon a friend gave me Nigel Forde’s new poetry book,Trace Elements.