Wold Diary with Sue Woodcock

Getting a bird on the hand at South Cave Falconry Centre.
Getting a bird on the hand at South Cave Falconry Centre.

For most of the week I have been carless, which has been a little inconvenient but not drastic, as I am quite capable of walking.

However I had been invited to go and talk to the delightful group at Rufforth again, and needed to find a way to get there.

A couple of bus trips were a possibility, but would have taken ages, and my wonderful garage offered me a courtesy car, while they were fitting a new clutch to my car.

They had slotted me in at very short notice and I knew they were busy so set off to walk there but a lovely neighbour of mine saw me and kindly gave me a lift. I had taken the satnav from my car and it took me to the area but seemed to have hysterics finding the location, but memory kicked in and I found the necessary car park in plenty of time.

The talk went well and I even won a small raffle prize, some hand cream which I am sorely in need of after my recent gardening exploits.

I returned the car for use by another customer and took the dogs for a decent walk.

I am fortunate to have footpaths close to home, which are often very busy but on this occasion rather deserted, and the dogs had a good run.

The next day some friends of mine came over from Scarborough, and we went to the superb water lily gardens at Burnby Hall Gardens here in Pocklington.

It is an internationally renowned site for water lilies and just at the moment the lilies are in beautiful bloom.

Unknown to us we had picked The Teddy Bear Picnic day and there were families of children happily picnicking on the beautiful lawns everywhere we looked.

One of the delights of the lakes are the fabulous and huge carp that inhabit the water, which you can feed with pots of the correct food that is sold for the purpose.

The fish are remarkably tame and gather at the water’s edge with mouths gaping open waiting for the food. Some of them are brightly coloured and very attractive.

Families are asked to supervise their children for safety reasons and most do so, but one little girl had acquired a stick and when she threw the food in to the water, she then tried to hit these valuable fish.

My friend politely explained to her why this was not a good thing to do, and seconds later she was doing it again, and this time I shouted at her and told her to stop.

She reluctantly did so and thought it was very funny.

We decided we were not unpaid babysitters and headed off to have a coffee at the café and then went home to my place where we had a lunch outside in the sunshine. Having put the world to rights, they left.

A couple of days later some other friends came over for the day from Bridlington. I had by this time got my car back.

The lady had brought a spinning wheel and needed help with it and we had a hilarious morning while she reminded herself of how to spin as she hadn’t done it for years.

I was able to donate some fleeces and some bits and pieces to her husband for his craft work and the day went fast as it does with invigorating conversation and humour and I enjoyed it.

So did the dogs who thought they were great, Brillo lay in total ecstasy on his lap and my collie, Fair, lovingly washed his feet.

On Saturday I went with the cricket team to Cawood, to their very pleasant cricket ground and had a tranquil and calm afternoon scoring in the company of an interesting and pleasant gentleman.

On Sunday I went to the South Cave Falconry Centre and had a wonderful hour or so, watching the birds of prey there. They even let me handle one! They have some rare and beautiful creatures which are all in excellent condition.

We had an interesting few minutes locating one that had decided to have an unauthorised fly around but soon came back for a feed.

There were some lovely families there with children who were quite entranced and very well behaved.

I had actually gone to talk about the fleeces from their alpacas but ended up admiring all their animals, from bantams basking in the sun to inquisitive pygmy goats, and a charming rabbit.