Wind turbines are beautiful - debate

Myra Poessl
Myra Poessl

A lengthy town council debate about the pros and cons of wind turbines was brought to an abrupt end thanks to a flash of inspiration by one of the members.

The CPRE had asked the council to consider sending a dlegate to its annual meeting and to consider the motion: “The policy of the CPRE East Riding branch should be that all wind turbines are unacceptable in the East Riding.”

The motion sparked a debate which went round and round in circles for almost 20 minutes until Coun Myra Poessl said: “Do we have to send anyone? No? Then don’t.”

The solution rendered further debate moot and was greeted with approval.

The clerk, Mrs Claire Binnington, said: “Well done Myra.”

And the mayor, Coun Heather Venter, added: “All this time and you have solved it.”

Councillors had been concerned that they should take care not be seen to support or oppose wind turbines in general as it would be necessary for them to consider any future planning applications each on their own merits.

Coun Paul Rounding said that gas oil and coal were running out.

“We have got to have wind turbines whether you like it or not,” he said.

“I think that sometimes they are a blot on the landscape and they have to be situated in the right position, but it is the future unfortunately.”

Coun Rounding felt that an alternative could be shale gas and said there was already a site at Walkington where drilling was taking place.

Coun David Credland said: “We must as a council not make any pronouncements that would be prejudicial one way of the other. We have to be non controversial ahead of any specific planning applications.”

Coun Joyce Fetcher said: “We cannot back that motion.”

Coun Matt Rogers agreed but and felt the council should not support the CPRE motion but he added: “There are a lot of farms and outlying businesses who cannot connect to three phase supply because they are not near a power line and their only way of getting electricity is to have a wind turnbine.

“I personally think they are beautiful, they are great, but they are not for everybody. You maybe wouldn’t want one in your back garden.

“But the amount of jobs they are going to create in the East Riding, Driffield and the surrounding areas cannot be overlooked.”

Coun Steve Poessl said: “Norway has more wind turbines than anyone else and has had for years. They have not closed one other form of regeneration of electric. All their nuclear power stations are still there and still running because you cannot rely on wind.

“The East Riding is being targeted to put more wind turbines than anywhwere else because they think they can get away with it quite easily.”

Coun Joan Cooper said: “There are other ways of producing energy and wind turbines are not specifically the future.

“On a personal note, my belief is that all houses should now be built with solar panels.”

The clerk Claire Binnington said: “All the council have to say is that we do not have a policy. At the end of the day, we can only be responsible for our own parish and will look at planning applications as individuals as they come in.”

The council is paid up member of the CPRE which held its annual meeting on June 11.

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