Wildlife artist features on BBC’s Springwatch show

Artist Robert E Fuller is pictured with a weasel during his recording work.
Artist Robert E Fuller is pictured with a weasel during his recording work.

Yorkshire wildlife artist Robert E Fuller has featured on TV’s most popular nature series Springwatch.

The former Woldgate School pupil, who uses video to research wildlife for his paintings, was selected to appear on the primetime TV series after capturing rare footage of the secret lives of weasels.

Springwatch, which charts the fortunes of British wildlife through the changing seasons, focused on how Robert Fuller studies his animal painting subjects and relays his findings on to live screens in his gallery so that visitors can also experience the stories behind the creatures in the paintings.

The programme, which boasts viewing figures of 4 million, also focuses on the artist’s ground breaking insights into the courtship of weasels – as well other interesting animal observations such as how birds of prey vie for nesting sites.

The Springwatch camera crew spent two days at the artist’s home and gallery in Thixendale this April; filming him as he patrolled different wildlife areas in his garden that host wild stoats, weasels, barn owls, kestrels and tawny owls.

Robert Fuller’s weasel recordings are believed to be the only video of their kind.

Mr Fuller said: “I followed two of last year’s kits and captured some fascinating moments including their courtship behaviour.”

Songbirds: The Sounds of the Wolds exhibition runs until Sunday 3 July at The Robert Fuller Gallery, Fotherdale Farm, Thixendale. Visit www.robertefuller.com for details.