Why Pocklington cafe got a zero rating: full report

Zero rating ... Costa Coffee in Pocklington.
Zero rating ... Costa Coffee in Pocklington.

Extensive cleaning neglect and drainage odours were among the issues that led to Costa Coffee’s Pocklington branch receiving a ZERO food hygiene rating, the Post can reveal.

The company was told urgent improvement was needed at its branch on Market Place following an inspection on 8 March this year. The cafe is the only Costa Coffee branch in the country to receive a zero rating from hygiene inspectors.

The Post has received the full report from East Riding Council which shows the 
issues that the authority’s environmental health officer Davey Byrne identified during his visit.

Issues that were spotted include extensive cleaning neglect throughout the premises, drainage odours, lack of handwashing by food handlers, due diligence not reflecting the site, an ice machine was mouldy, staff changing facilities were inadequate and food safety procedures were not put into implementation.

Mr Byrne’s report says: “During my visit I saw no effective hand washing being carried out by team members. This coupled with the grossly substandard level of cleaning presented imminent risk.

It adds: “Your food premises, or some parts of it, were notkept clean, namely dirty floors throughout the pot wash area, especially underneath equipment, behind the two upright fridges, behind the ice machine and under shelving. Numerous fragments of glass were observed across the flooring. These present a risk of physical contamination.”

It says “the cleaning schedule, a prerequisite to your Food Safety Management System, was not being implemented” and “the poor conditions found during the inspection were not recorded within due diligence book.”

According to the report, excessive storage of packaging, ingredients and cleaning chemicals in the upstairs store room are “exacerbating the cleaning deficiencies.”

Mr Byrne has ordered the cafe to revisit its existing cleaning schedule for the site, keep the food premises clean, carry out specialist cleaning to the floor covering and leave in a sound easy to clean condition. He has also told the cafe that it must provide a separate changing room with adequate secure storage for food handlers to store their outdoor clothing and personal belongings and ensure that ice is protected from contamination.

The inspection on 8 March was carried out as a result of a complaint from a member of the public who had concerns about the level of cleanliness across the business.

Mr Byrne made a scheduled revisit to the site on 7 April. The report of this visit says “a foul odour is still prevalent at the business from the drainage.” He also found excessive storage of packaging, ingredients and cleaning chemicals in the upstairs store room again and that the pot wash sink was dirty and scaled.

Costa Coffee said the odour was from an issue with a drain in an unused basement under the store.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The store voluntarily closed on 8 March, they were given a clean bill of health on 9 March by an inspector and reopened to customers as no health or hygiene risks were found. They are currently addressing the issue with the drain in the unused basement, which will likely result in a new pump being installed.

“It is extremely important to us that all our stores operate to high standards of hygiene and we take it very seriously when any store fails to meet these high standards. We have robust measures in place to address poor standards and work closely with the environmental health officer to immediately rectify any concerns. Please be assured that the store has undergone an extensive deep clean and all team members have received further retraining on the high standards we expect in our stores.”