When Cameron met May: pupil’s trip to Number 10

Cameron Brown with Prime Minister Theresa May
Cameron Brown with Prime Minister Theresa May

A sixth form student’s political ambitions received a boost when he was invited to a Downing Street reception by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Cameron Brown, chairman of Conservative Future for Beverley and Holderness, chatted to Mrs May about how her success has galvanised his own political ambitions.

The lower sixth form student at Pocklington School said: “We discussed how she had inspired me to become even more involved in British Politics and how I must ‘keep the Conservative flag flying high,’ especially amongst the younger generations.”

Cameron’s Number 10 invite came after Mrs May’s unexpected elevation to Prime Minister meant she had to cancel an appearance as guest speaker at the Beverley and Holderness Conservative Association Christmas Dinner.

As a gesture, she invited all the executives of the association to a drinks reception at her new residence.

He said it looks like a “homely home” but the portraits of former prime ministers on the staircase brings home where you are.

He said: “Walking through the White Room you imagine all the world leaders that have sat at this very table and discussed world issues. It was one of the most inspiring moments of my life and I’ll never forget it.”

Cameron added: “I have wanted to go into politics since the age of 10, and that has 
been cemented by my experiences.”