‘Whacky’ appeal launched to support club

Matt Ward with members of the tennis club
Matt Ward with members of the tennis club

A tennis club has launched an online appeal to raise the much-needed funds to pay for new fencing to improve safety.

Sutton Upon Derwent Tennis Club has launched an online Crowdfunding page in the hope of raising the £5,500 to cover the cost, and labour, of installing a new fence.

Tennis coach, Matt Ward said: “We’re just about to start the tennis season and we’re in need of some new fencing, it’s getting holes in and is becoming a bit dangerous.

“Another thing for the club is to keep and maintain our grass court, which is the only one in the York League, so we thought we’d give a crowd funding appeal a go.”

The tennis club has members ranging from youngsters aged four to pensioners in their 90s.

More than £425 has been raised so far on their online page and they have collated a range of prizes which could be won depending on the size of each donation.

From a wristband to a lifetime membership, there is a range of prizes on offer plus a raffle with another range of prizes.

Some of the club members got together to create a fun video in a bid to boost their appeal.

Matt said: “We wanted to get the kids involved and make it a bit fun.”

He added that the club is a very social club and there’s lots of event for people to get involved and enjoy themselves as well as compete.

To donate to the tennis club visit their page at click here.