Weighton gets flood funding

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FLOOD-prone Market Weighton will receive vital funding towards its flood defence work.

East Riding Council has announced that flood protection schemes across the county, including one at Market Weighton, are to share more than £2million in funding from the authority, and a further £500,000 secured from other sources.

Schemes in Pocklington, Stamford Bridge and Barmby Moor are also among those which will benefit.

The Mayor of Market Weighton, councillor Peter Hemmerman, says the funding the town receives will go towards the flood defence scheme at Mill Beck, which will cost around £3million, and also improving the culvert underneath the town.

According to Coun Hemmerman, the Environment Agency (EA) recently carried out an inspection of the culvert which found it was in desperate need of repair.

He said: “The funds are going to this scheme we have at Mill Beck. Included in that is the culvert underneath the town.

“A recent inspection had shown the culvert was in a very poor state.”

Market Weighton has long suffered from flooding and the town’s mayor believes that, although the work on the culvert and at Mill Beck will go some way towards addressing the problems, the only way to end flooding in Market Weighton completely is to stop building houses.

“I think it ill go some way to sorting the problems,” Coun Hemmerman said.

“The only one cure to stop water running over the concrete is to stop building houses.

“They keep putting water into the drainage without improving the drainage system.”

Coun Hemmerman expects work to start on the flood defence scheme in August this year.

East Riding Council has already distributed £4.5 million for flood mitigation work in the region which has so far seen 160 schemes being completed, with 22 more set to be finished by June.

Symon Fraser, the authority’s portfolio holder for the environment, housing and planning, said: “The council has been closely involved with partners in many larger flood management schemes but these, in the main, are targeted at bigger centres of population and have more chance of attracting national funding help.

“However, local flood mitigation work is also very important in the East Riding, where many communities at risk live in small settlements which do not meet the criteria for national funding that is targeted at the urban and more densely populated areas.

“We have worked very closely with local people, bringing together their own invaluable knowledge and the council’s expertise, to ensure that the flood mitigation work proposed is effective in helping build more resilient communities.”