These are the 11 most annoying things about winter

What do you dislike about winter?
What do you dislike about winter?

Many UK households will have woken to freezing temperatures and grumbling relatives this morning and now the most common January irritations have been revealed.

Researchers from outdoors experts have listed eleven of Brits’ top winter annoyances, including a range of problems with the miserable weather at this time of year.

Having a good moan over a morning cuppa is a traditional British past-time and usual winter topics range from defrosting the car and dangerous paths to destructive winds and a constant stream of fireworks.

The forgetfulness of some Brits’ councils and neighbours have also made the list of common seasonal grievances.

A spokesperson for said: “Life has to plough on as normal through winter, despite the colder, damper air, shorter days and darker nights.

“But wintery conditions can cause their own unique set of irritations, especially once Christmas and the festive party season have come to an end.”

Here is the list of 11 of the most irritating things about winter:

1.Defrosting the car

Frosty weather means drivers must get out of bed earlier during the winter, to make sure they have enough time to scrape ice from their vehicles’ frozen windscreens.

2.Constant fireworks

Most families will have joined in with Bonfire Night and New Year celebrations, but every winter in the UK there seems to be a nightly stream of bangs and whizzes from the 5th of November until deep into February, which scares pets and frustrates their owners.

3.Rubbish weather

Going out to the bins at 17:00 in pitch-black darkness and returning inside with frozen fingers and sodden slippers is a frustrating daily occurrence during a British winter.

4.Dangerous paths

During the UK’s colder months, if backyard pathways aren’t slick with wet fallen leaves, they’ll probably be slippery from an overnight ice-covering anyway.

5.Destructive winds

Fallen fences and downed trees are a common, inconvenient and potentially dangerous occurrence in British gardens following winter storms.

6.Forgetting accessories

Remembering to take a coat, hat, scarf and gloves every time you leave the house is a challenge for many Brits – cold and wet extremities can be the trying consequence of forgetting them.

7.Slushy snow

It’s all fun and games while snow is soft, but when the snowmen (or women) begin to melt away, lawns can turn to muddy quagmires more reminiscent of WWI battlefields.

8.Frozen gardens

Trying to get any gardening done with rock solid soil is a nightmare and it can sometimes take weeks to thaw.

9.Dry bodies

Too much time spent outside in wintery conditions can lead to chapped lips, cracked knuckles and dry skin.

10.Grit problems

One day the council will have run out of grit or forgotten your area and drivers will be skidding on the roads; when a truck does come, it will inevitably drive right in front and scratch all of your vehicle’s paintwork.

11.Obnoxious Christmas decorations

Few things are more irritating during January than neighbours that still have hordes of neon reindeer and flashing Santas on their roof or garden; bonus points if ignorant festive decorations are still attacking the ears as well as the eyes.