‘We cannot say thanks enough for support’

Andy Parkin, Jayne Cant, Sarah Wills and Paul Gibney sat on one of the picnic tables.
Andy Parkin, Jayne Cant, Sarah Wills and Paul Gibney sat on one of the picnic tables.

Wilberfoss Playing Fields Association reached out to the community and wider community for support for two initiatives and were overwhelmed by the reaction they received.

Firstly, having had a large patio built at The Pavilion, the Playing Fields Association committee was desperate to fill it with outdoor furniture. Without the necessary funds, it dropped a letter through the door of every household in the village and asked whether people would consider sponsoring a double seat of an eight seater picnic table.

It secured funding to purchase eight picnic tables, complete with parasols and parasol bases. It will be installing a plaque to say thank you to everyone for their support and this will be a lasting memory of the commitment of community members. The Pavilion now has permanent outdoor seating for 64 people.

The committee’s second initiative was to ask the community and wider community for their votes in the Aviva Community Fund. Against another 937 projects, the committee had to come within the 24 to proceed to the next level. It was seeking funding of £5,000 towards the cost of the installation of floodlights and having received 3,480 votes it came within the top nine. Those top nine then had to put forward a stronger case for the funding and out of the nine, six projects were chosen. The committee’s project was one of them

A spokesperson for the committee said: “We cannot thank people enough for their support. It is seriously a case of ‘if you don’t ask...’”

“We’ve spent the last four years improving The Pavilion and it is now a hive of activity where children can play freely without the worry of passing traffic and parents can enjoy socialising with friends, knowing that their children are safe.”

The playing fields have recently become home to a new archery club and play host to holiday camps hosted by Premier Education and boot camp style exercise classes.