Water great way to raise funds for aid

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Melbourne CP School has been having a wonderful time exploring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

During the week many activities were planned using our new Clevertouch boards, which are in every class.

Topics covered during the week were the journey of a raindrop, beat the flood, Horrible Histories of…latrines, and the physics of the flush.

The children made rain clouds, water catchers and a model of the water cycle.

They investigated waterproof materials, created pictographs, learned about conservation and have even written rain-inspired poetry.

Some of the older children completed a project where they designed and made model homes for a flood hit island in the Indian Ocean.

They devised their own experiments to test the materials they used then tested them outside getting rather wet in the process,

The week ended with the whole school taking part in Pupil Pipeline Challenge where we joined up all the bottles and containers that were brought in during the week and worked out how best to transport water in their teams.

The winning team were the Latrines.

We raised £110.50 for WaterAid which is enough for 55m of pipe to be laid in a developing country.