Warning over illegal dog breeders

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Five allegations of illegal dog breeding are being investigated in the region.

East Riding Council’s licensing team is investigating the claims and is warning people to be aware of the dangers of buying a puppy or a dog from someone who is not licensed or may be from a puppy farm.

A spokesman for the council said anyone selling two or more litters a year was considered to be a business. The council enforces dog breeding legislation to protect the welfare of dogs used for breeding by setting standards relating to issues such as accommodation, food, water, bedding disease control as well as limiting the number of litters a female can have.

The spokesman said: “Unlicensed breeders may illegally import puppies into the UK and they are often sold online or via newspaper adverts or in car parks.

“They can often be accompanied by incomplete or forged documents that lead the buyer to think the dog has been imported legally.”

Before buying a puppy the council advises people to:

• Check the puppy has been vaccinated but to also be aware that vaccination cards are easy to fake – if the vet’s contact details are not visible or has a non-UK address the card may be false

• Ask to see a pet passport – imported puppies must have a pet passport or a vet’s certificate confirming it is microchipped, vaccinated against rabies, treated for worms and was over three months and 21 days when it was imported

• Ask to see the puppy with its mother

• Ask to see the father too, or at least a photo of the father – be suspicious if the breeder cannot show you the mother or father

• Pedigree certificates are not a guarantee for the condition of the dog and may not even mean the puppy is pedigree – people should contact The Kennel Club for details of accredited breeder schemes