Ward councillor thanks doctors after operation

Councillor Andy Strangeway.
Councillor Andy Strangeway.

Pocklington ward councillor Andy Strangeway has thanked the doctors and staff at the Pocklington Group Practice following an operation to remove some kidney stones.

Mr Strangeway also issued an apology for missing a number of meetings over the last months and vowed to get back to business when he recovers.

He is now encouraging anyone who sees blood in their urine to go and see their GP as a matter of urgency. The councillor spotted blood in his urine in May and suffered some discomfort until deciding to visit the GPs surgery.

The doctor referred him to hospital where the kidney stones were removed.

Mr Strangeway said: “I visited the group practice and they managed to get me a slot for the operation.

“The staff there are absolute stars and all the workers are wonderful people.

“While in North Yorkshire the amazing staff at Malton and York Hospital, especially those who operated on me, helped me to recover and the awesome people on Ward 14 are simply fantastic.

“Due to my ill health over the past three months I have been forced to miss over a dozen meetings I would normally have attended.

“I must apologise to those parish councils where I have missed their gatherings.

“I would also like to apologise to any resident who has experienced any delay in my addressing issues raised.

“I am currently looking at a to do list of around 60 items.

“I am now housebound for a few days while I recover but normal service will resume shortly.”