Wanted - Foster carers in Driffield, Beverley and Pocklington

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East Riding of Yorkshire Council is currently looking to recruit several more foster carers specifically for older children and teenagers.

Anyone interested in finding out more about fostering is invited to come to an event where they will have the opportunity to find out all about fostering, what is involved and ask any questions they may have.

The ‘Find Out About Fostering’ event will be held at Tickton Grange Hotel, Tickton, near Beverley on Tuesday 25 March. It will start at 6pm but people should arrive at 5.45pm.

At the event, people interested in becoming a foster carer will have the opportunity to

* talk to fostering social workers and discuss suitability

* meet foster carers and their birth children

* talk to looked after young people and hear about their experiences and what they want

* find out about free professional training

Foster carers are approved to look after a specified number, age and gender of children. Some people prefer working with older children and teenagers while others are more skilled at looking after babies and toddlers,

Prospective foster carers should ideally be over 25, they can be single, married or cohabiting. Some foster carers have their own children while others don’t.

Dave Glenville, fostering team leader at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “Almost anyone can apply to be a foster carer, but as with any career, some people will be more suited to it than others. We are particularly interested to hear from people who are interested in fostering children aged 8-16.”

“Foster carers must be able to offer the time, commitment, space and skills to care for children separated from their own families.

“This event is designed to give people who are interested in fostering a chance to meet people who are already involved and find out if becoming a foster carer is for them.

“This can be the beginning of a journey that can have rewards for everyone involved and can change lives forever.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about becoming a foster carer or would like to book a place at the event, please contact East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s fostering team on (01482) 396673.