Wally of the Wolds

Now, I usually try to reserve this section of your dear old rag to a topic found within these pages or at least something that seems relevant to the time of year.

Well, dear readers, I’m going to chuck in my tuppence worth over the saga that seems to have the whole world talking. Yep, that’s right- the sacking of Andy Gray and Richard Keys from a satellite sports channel.

They are a pair that most blokes will be aware of already, and thanks to their off-screen (or what they thought were off-screen) antics, the entire female world as well now. Both were given the bullet for their sexist comments against a female linesman, or referee’s assistant- if you want to subscribe the nonsense of 21st century football terminology.

For me, to even describe it as storm in a tea cup would be blowing it out of all proportion. It’s farcical. It’s bar-room banter at best, and the bra-burning militants have now risen up to make an example of them. Of course it’s sexist, but I’ll tell you this, spend ten minutes (if you can stomach it) watching that Loose Women dross on an afternoon and you’ll find female-led sexist ignorance in plentiful supply.

I’ve lost count of the amount of time I’ve been in the pub on a Saturday night, and a hyena-like gang of hen-night party goers have been touching up every fella in sight. I find it pretty offensive that their safety-in-numbers mentality means they can get away doing or saying anything they like. Imagine if a bloke did that? They’d be up before the magistrates come Monday morning.

What these naive idiots did on TV is certainly not right, but I don’t think they should be hung out to dry for it. Go to any football ground on any given Saturday and you’ll find comments ten times more offensive. Believe me, I’ve been in the stand when a female linesman was officiating, and the abuse she took from fans was criminal.

However, this is not as black and white as it may first appear. You need to go through the moral smoke screen about right or wrong and delve a little deeper. The question we should be asking is how has this been allowed to turn into a huge circus?

Well, if you look at the facts- Andy Gray’s card may well have been marked well before this incident. He is currently in a legal battle with a Sunday newspaper following an alleged phone-tapping incident . The very same man own owns this paper that also the sports channel Gray worked for.

Also, every day this week, new “startling” revelations about Andy Gray’s dinosaur attitude to women has been drip fed to an outraged public- by a tabloid daily, also owned the same tycoon. Can anyone see a pattern emerging here?

If they really wanted to keep him, would they keep releasing video material about him? It could have been so easily swept under the carpet, but they have allowed it to be released, fuelling the fire and adding ever-more justification to the sacking.

I’m certainly not saying what was said was right- but I am saying we all need to peek through the looking glass before making our judgement.