Voice of Pocklinton Youth: Keep thinking positive

Caitlin England
Caitlin England

Whereever I go, whether it’s school, out in town or just walking around the streets, I always see at least one person looking miserable and it makes me sad because, as cheesy as it sounds, there are a lot of reasons in life to be happy. When we think negatively we lose sight of those reasons.

I’m sure you can all think of at least one time in your life when you’ve felt really down. Maybe it’s because something bad has happened or maybe you just got out of the wrong side of the bed that morning.

I was reading a book recently called The Secret to Teen Power. It is based on something called the law of attraction, which essentially means that you attract events based on your thoughts. So if you think really negatively, bad things are more likely to happen, whereas if you think positively, good things are more likely to happen.

Say you are taking an exam, for example. If you spend all your time telling yourself things like “I can’t do this!” “I’m not smart enough!” “I’m going to fail” then you will because that is how the law of attraction works. So next time you have a test, try to tell yourself things like “I can do this!” “I can get a really high level” and you will!

But of course, it doesn’t all just come down to wishing you have to put the effort in yourself as well. There is process in the book called “ASK, BELIEVE, ACT and RECEIVE”

First you have to ASK for what you want. Think of something you really want to do, it could be anything from getting the part in your school play to getting great grades in your exams.

This is the part where you tell yourself that you can do it, like I said in the exam anecdote.

Next you have to BELIEVE you can do it. Imagine the feeling you will get when you receive what you want. Imagine that feeling of joy and happiness.

Thirdly you have to ACT because, like I said, it’s not all about wishing. If you go back to the exam scenario, the ACT part comes in by you concentrating on your work and trying as hard as you can with the questions. But it’s also about staying calm and not worrying about it which may seem quite difficult but you can do it!

And lastly, you RECEIVE. This is the part when you get what it was you wanted!

What you also have to remember is that you must never give up. Don’t lose hope just because it doesn’t work the first time you try it, this isn’t something that will happen overnight.

You have to work at it and try as hard as you can. This isn’t magic, it’s just the powers of your own mind, skills that you already have. It’s up to you to use them. Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is.

l Caitlin is a representative for Young People Count (@YPCount)Tel: 07939 505310 or 07808 403640 for details.