Voice of Pocklington Youth: Young people needed

Caitlin England
Caitlin England

As young people, we are often told about the importance of our health by various different adults. It’s more or less the same speech every time, and over the years, we become bored and disinterested.

All of this means that we lose the real meaning behind what we’re told.

Now, I’m definitely not calling myself an expert but I do know that no matter who tells you, or how many times you hear it, the fact that your health is important, still rings true.

So, because health is important, we all also have the right to safe and accessible healthcare from our Doctors surgeries and hospitals.

We also have the right to say something if we aren’t happy with the service we are receiving and be heard and respected.

All of these factors add up to why, in 1972, a GP set up the first “Patient Participation Group” for GPs and their patients to talk about their local health services and how to improve them.

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