Voice of Pocklington Youth: You can control fate

Caitlin England
Caitlin England

Fate: Noun: fate; plural noun: Fates; plural noun: the Fates

1. The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power.

“Fate decided his course for him”

– The Oxford Dictionary Definition

Way back in February, I wrote an article with the headline “We Are Human You Know”. Within it I briefly explained how I was a big believer in fate, but I’ve been wondering whether that’s still true.

A few weeks after writing said article, I was chatting to my mum about my belief in fate, but instead of agreeing, she gave me a completely new way of looking at it. 

She said, “Fate shouldn’t be something that we rely on. All it is is an excuse to blame bad things on when they happen.” I took a while to process what she had said, five months in fact, and recently I came up with this;

No matter how positive you try to be, bad times will always come along at some point but I’m not trying to upset you, it’s just the way life works and we have to live with that fact. But bad things don’t just happen because fate doesn’t like the way our life is going.

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