Voice of Pocklington Youth: The dangers of online infatuations

Caitlin England
Caitlin England
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Today I wanted to talk about some serious issues that have been going on regarding YouTube at the moment.

As some of you (probably not all) may know, over the past year, there have been YouTubers that have been outed as sexual abusers.

But sexual abuse isn’t the main thing I wanted to talk about because everybody else has discussed it a million times already in a much more detailed way than I’m capable of.

I understand that many of you maybe don’t watch YouTube or know who any of these people are, which is why this article may not be for you but you could still learn something for the future.

What I want to talk about is the dangers of becoming too obsessed with people over the internet, not just YouTubers, but anyone.

Read Caitlin’s full column in this week’s (20 November) Pocklington Post.