Voice of Pocklington Youth: Teenagers - more good than bad

Jack Grbovic
Jack Grbovic
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Teenagers. The loosely tossed around word that makes you think of those somewhat forgotten people that lurk beneath the shark infested waters of the media.

The people that, in groups of four or five, make you and you partner cross the street in order to reach safety on the other pavement.

Those are the people at the core of all anti-social behaviour, all of them clumped together into one big rolling ball of binge drinking, ASBOs and vandalism. Well that’s not the case, and I’m here to tell you why.

Okay, first off I’ll admit it. The stuff that we see on the news and in the papers does actually happen.

Vandalism is not a myth, and neither are the teenage pregnancies that have you saying “back in my day…” It’s not a good thing at all, and that’s like asking if rain is wet (trying to fit in a phrase that equates to it being obvious).

But unlike what those foreign glyphs you read in those big tabloid newspapers seem to say, as a generation, we are in number, more good than we are bad.

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