Voice of Pocklington Youth: Poem about perfection

Eloise Dyson
Eloise Dyson

Perfection comes from making mistakes.

No one can be perfect without having learnt from their mistakes.

People see perfection wrong, they think being ‘perfect’ means looking right, acting right, and never doing or saying the wrong thing.

But what is ‘right’?

We all have our image of the perfect person,

but if there was a perfect person, perfect in every way, they would be bullied, put down, made out to be a failure.

Just because they’re different.

The truth is that no matter what you are, you are going to put down at least once, even if you are perfect.

People point out your mistakes, but forget to look for the good.

We have become so negative that we only see the bad in each other, even in ourselves.

If people paid attention to the good things in life, instead of the bad, the world would be a much happier place.

Life is good, we just look at it upside down.

We try to be everyone else’s version of perfect, when we don’t realise that we are perfect.

Perfect people make mistakes, they fall, but stand back up again, and learn to avoid the things that will make them trip.

You are perfect, but you are put down because people only look at how many times you’ve fallen, not how many times you’ve stood back up to face another day.

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